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Originally Posted by 5mall5nail5 View Post
Geez - is it worth it do you think? Our family has a 325xi and I enjoy how the car drives stock, I don't see the need for that little displacement bump and all the associated work especially on a late model BMW. Unless of course something is wrong with your 2.5L engine.
Well the 325 lacked torque to make me want to keep it long term. I wanted something with proper power and I think the m54b30 will satisfy me.

Originally Posted by SILVRRONIN View Post
ya Know I procrastinated for five months over the oil filter housing gasket. Everytime I looked...small puddles of Bloops of oil. After a while I decided... i dont like this..I am going to change the situation..Its far easier to stay in the comfort zone of whooing over something than actually taken action!..just mentally decide to take control of the project-change your mindset-and apply yourself. There is agood reason why you wanted to do the engine swap-follow through on it-challenges is what makes it rewarding in the end.....
procrastination is my enemy lol
high miles or go home

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