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Originally Posted by timothyfuqua View Post
Just changed rotors and pads all the way around and was curious about bedding the pads. Some suggest bedding immediately and others say to drive around 100-200 miles to allow the anti-corrosion plating on the rotors to wear off. Any feedback/suggestions/experiences?
Bedding brakes encompasses three activities: 1) Burnishing the two surfaces together physically, 2) Bedding the new pad transfer layer onto the rotor and 3) "Freezing" the uniform transfer layer. The bedding process for new pads gets them about 75% of the way there. The next 250-500 miles of driving usually finish off the job.

Depending on which rotor coating you are talking about (zinc chromate, cadmium, Geomet, etc.), the burnishing process may be done quickly or may require a little more time.

Zinc and Geomet (the dull, light gray stuff) are burned through pretty quickly. Most pad manufacturers provide bedding instructions that have 5-6 easier slowdown cycles before actual pad bedding. This first cycles burnish the two mating surfaces together and removes the coating on the firepath.

Cadmium should not be used for brake rotors, but sometimes is anyway. Cad requires a longer burnishing and can contaminate pads. Sometimes it balls up on the surface and must be physically removed (a screwdriver and a quick hammer tap usually work great). It often takes more of an effort in the burnishing process to remove cadmium, and the pads might have to be removed and touched on a belt sander to clean them up.

Short answer: If you have chosen good quality pads and rotors, bed them right away.

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