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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
The KAC PDW is not a California legal gun, and the way it's built, I don't believe you could make it legal.
Also, KAC does sell their weapons to the public, but I cannot say whether or not the KAC is available in Semi-Auto only. If they do make it semi-auto, then I see no reason why they eventually won't sell it to the public. Being KAC, I'm sure they'd sell it for $3-4k minimum. What else would you expect from a company that sells the Mk11 Mod0 for $10k when it's only worth $3k?

Thanks for your input. I actually did a lot of research and in CA, its basically a pain to own a semi-auto wepon with a barrel shorter then 16' that isnt classified as an Assualt Wepon. There is a way though that we can get a 7.5 barrel but we would have to purchase the gun as a pistol first with a single bolt at the time of purchase. Once we purchase the pistol, I believe we can modify the gun with a CA spec bullet button and a fixed 10/30rd mag. Then again its also illegal for us to change the stock to an aftermarket one because of its classification as an AW. Please correct me if I have my info wrong, haha but I do hope its right.

Here is a picture of an AR with a 7.5 barrel that we can legally mod here in CA.


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