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Originally Posted by El Polo View Post
Hi guys,

my car is in the body shop getting the subframe repaired.
The guy just called me saying that my right RTAB is broken, and he suggests to replace both left and right, for another $380.

The RTAB is $26 according to that diagram, part number 33326770786, showing as #4 in the diagram. Am I right so far?

So what do you guys think? am I about to get raped? should I do it myself? I'm sure I could (using the DIY found in this forum), but they are telling me they have to perform a wheel alignment and won't if they don't replace at least the broken one.

Any input will be greatly appreciated, thanks.
So 380 for replcing the RTABS and wheel alignment?

Fixed ~costs from your end:
RTABS: $52
RTAB Tool: $100

so $228 more for them to do the RTAB install

You'd have to order stuff, wait for it to come in, get the car up on jackstands, it'd probably take a few hours to press them out and in and align the RTAB console to the wheel hub just right and use your torque wrench on it, then you'd have to take the car to get aligned.

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