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Originally Posted by GCoop View Post
If what was posted is actually true he will be the first XI person to EVER have suffered a vibration/shudder on acceleration that was fixed by CABs........

Either that or the original symptom was not described accurately.

As far as Im concerned the jury is still out. I would like to see a longer sustained period at highway speeds before saying he is out of the woods. Mine and many others symptoms never started to show up until 45 min to an hour at highway speeds. I wonder if the worn CABs possibly magnify the issue.

In any case OP..... Please report back to this post later on to let us know if the CABs were truely the end of it. As I said I have never seen another XI person solve this issue with CABs. It would be nice to know.
I played around with the car tonight and no shudder what so ever. I'll be taking it to work tomorrow and that will be the final test.
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