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Originally Posted by cyberkaa View Post
Yeah, haha. I'm comfortable with wiring (electrical engineer), but I saw a lot of hand-waving when it came to wiring up the reverse rights. I was able to figure it out using WDS, but I wish I had seen your DIY first. Would have saved me tons of time!

Haha. Well, thanks for the offer, but I'll be changing both the engine and trans out for the S54 and S6S 420G once I'm done with the 5spd swap I'm doing for a friend.
Though, if you happen to have some Work VS-XX that'll fit a non-M, I'm open to trades.
Ahhh so now at least I've got a target to shoot at. You seriuosly dont konw - for the lst 4 years that wheel keeps me up a night!!!

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