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There are two OFH connections for the pressure switch & the temperature switch in addition to the alternator and battery. There's no need to disconnect the MAF. After you remove the alternator, there is plenty of room to get to the rear VANOS line bolt.

Here is what I used based instructions from the TIS and DIYs from this site:
(1) Remove air intake, fan shroud, fan clutch, drive belts, & underbody plate.
(2) Remove oil filter cover, let oil flow out of housing back into pan, & retighten.
(3) Remove alternator
Switch off ignition
Disconnect (-) battery terminal, cover, & secure.
Remove power steering fluid reservoir bolts & tie out of the way.
Remove 3 power steering pump bolts (OFH & block bottom) (22Nm /16ft-lb.)
Remove plastic air hose connection at rear of alternator.
Unlock & remove plug connection & nut for (+) terminal (B+ 13Nm/10ft-lb.)
Release bolt & remove idler pulley (70Nm /44ft-lb.)
Remove lower mounting bolt & lift out alternator.
Install new voltage regulator (optional).
(4) Remove OFH plugs for pressure switch (lower) & temperature switch (upper).
(5) Disconnect VANOS oil pressure line at banjo bolt (32Nm /24ft-lb.).
(6) Unfasten 6 OFH bolts (22Nm /16ft-lb.) and remove OFH.
(7) Remove OFH internal gasket & check dowel sleeves for damage & positioning.
(8) Clean up engine.
(9) Install new OFH internal gasket & secure OFH to block (22Nm /16ft-lb.)
(10) Reconnect VANOS oil line w/ crush washers at banjo bolt (32Nm /24ft-lb.).
(11) Connect oil pressure switch & oil temperature switch to OFH inputs.
(12) Install alternator & reattach electrical connections
(13) Reconnect vent hose to alternator.
(14) Install drive belts, fan clutch, fan shroud, underbody plate, & air intake.
(15) Reconnect (-) battery terminal (5 1 Nm).
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