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Originally Posted by wdeerfield View Post
ive been putting it off too long.. my driver side axle needs to be replaced im afraid.. i also have some leak up front that i cant trace to a source yet. im betting diff or transfer case as i never had a leak until i had my mechanic flush and fill them.. hopefully its just the need for a new fill/drain plug washer as he probably reused the old ones.

could a wheel bearing cause this vibration as well? the car seems to make a noise with the vibration as well. it does however come and go which is weird..
The transfer case holds very little oil (Bentley manual says 0.16 qt), if it's leaking don't put it off. Jack up the car and try to rock the suspect wheel, if there is play it's the wheel bearing. I had similar vibration symptoms and it was the FCAB's.
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