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No love for the dub, huh? That's surprising. An r32 wipes the floor with an e46 on the track. The new one is even better and has 4 doors and a manual. It's more practical than an e46 and the awd system is superior. Parts are cheaper and, because it's a turbo, it'll be much easier to tune.

Top gear approves:

r32 beats 135i in side by side comparison. even beats it on the track. so all this mumbo jumbo about an e46 handling better is a joke.

Originally Posted by lotar_6 View Post
I'm really anxious to see the 4-door R!! I LUV the mkIV R's... I'm a huge fan of the VR6... just sounds so mean. However, I have never liked the mkV styling. I thought about picking up an R32, but opt'd for the xi for several reasons... primarily 4 doors (I have kids), comfort, and reliability. I hope the new 4-door R's don't dissapoint!

That said, I really wanted a new 'rocco, but they didn't come state side. Now they're bringing back the Coupe Quattro!!!! I hope it finds its way over to this side of the pond!
Yeah. I wouldn't be interested in the new one if it didn't have 4 doors.

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