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Originally Posted by SalM View Post
I mean I really dont dislike any part of my suspension setup. I think it handles great but I want it to be a little more stiffer and handle better when in higher speeds on the twisties.

I think Kw V2's would solve my problem with some Hotchkis sway bars.

Because I'm not looking for this top end high performance track setup. I want something capable for the track as well as being stiff and glued to the road while taking a corner or a turn.
When the last time you replaced your FCABS & rear suspension bushings? If it's been more than 5 years I'd do all that first- there could be a lot of slop in there.

If anyone has seen otherwise please chime in but I don't think KW v1 to v2 will do anything for you whatsoever. AFAIK v1's are just like v2's except with fixed settings for performance street use. Even if you were leaning more toward the track, I doubt you'll be able to make meaningful adjustments on v2's without your bushings in good shape anyhow.

Swaybars, as mentioned above, are the last fine tuning thing you do once a suspension is all dialed in. They are not things that will bolt on and automatically do anything good for you. Some E46 racers don't even run a rear sway bar at all.

So yeah I'd say look into bushings first. And reinforcement plates for the rear shock mounts (and fronts IMO) as preventative maintenance since you're running a stiffer suspension. For a quick and effective performance/suspension upgrade I'd look into lightweight wheels - they'll take inertia out of your suspension so it'll work better AND make the car a little faster.

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