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Originally Posted by JJR4884 View Post
Come down from there... you are way too high up

My gf has a jetta... not gonna lie but vw's are the closest feeling car to a bimmer... runs great, tight steering, stiff suspension, solid car.

But to each their own... if you can't justify trading in a used entry level bimmer for a really nice newer vw, well then something is terribly wrong.

May god bless you and have mercy on your soul, I pray for you my child.
I'm not trying to be pretentious. I don't even care about the badge, seriously. The only reason I have my car is because it ended up being $2,500 than the loaded Accord I was looking at. Honestly, IMO, one of the best looking and feeling cars is the new Hyundai Sonata...Living in Minnesota, so long as I only have one vehicle, it does need to be AWD.

My friend has a 2010 Jetta TDI with leather, etc. I don't like it; the seats are too small, uncomfortable and its the little things. For example, when you lock the e46 the lights fade, in the Jetta, it just shuts off...and the buttons, all the freakin buttons! Little touches make the difference and I honestly feel that my friends 2010 Jetta, although 9 years newer than my car, doesn't feel as nice as mine.

The other thing I really look at is cost. Say the xi you have is worth 10k, and you buy a new Golf and its 25k optioned the way you want. Is the Golf really worth the extra $15,000? Are you really getting $15,000 more car?

I'm not sure what I'll be getting when I replace my car, but a used Audi A6/S6 or a Lexus GS350 or a Infiniti M35x or a BMW 535xi/335xi are all contenders. All are big steps up from the XI in terms of luxury and all can be had for ~$20k.

One of my favorite cars I have ever owned was a 1989 Volvo 740 GL Turbo Wagon. A set of Blizzacks and I was happy. The car cost only $1,300.

I just feel as if VW's still feel a bit 'economy' to me. The e46 however, is starting to show its age.

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