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Originally Posted by TiAgXi View Post
I worry about that too. Maybe not a good idea to replace one small car with another one. But I can't see myself driving a big car all the time.

Sorry to hear about your accident btw. Sounds like it was pretty bad. What happened (if you don't mind talking bout it)?
Not meaning to hijack this thread-
I had a 2001 A4, and a late model Impala coming in the other direction lost control heading into a curve (that I was in the middle of) T-boned me in the drive side. The impact was so great I got pushed off the road into an embankment. The damage went from the front door all the way to the rear wheels (that got ripped off the frame). the pass side was partially buried in the embankment.
As for me, I had multiple soft tissue tears and bone fragments in my right shoulder. My cervical spine was also affected with herniated discs. Well, I did manage to "walk away" so, I'm thankful for that...


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