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Originally Posted by johntrhodes81 View Post
Is this what is meant by all the rubber?
* front control arms
* RSMs
* strut mounts
Yeah. The control arms have 2 ball joints per side, which aren't rubber, but which are worth checking out when you're replacing FCABS.
Also, the rear end has:
4 subframe bushings
upper and lower control arm bushings (3 bushings plus 1 balljoint per side)

If you'd rather not do them all, someone more experienced than I might be able to pinpoint the ones that would make the most difference. I'd guess the strut mounts, RSMs, RTABS and the rear upper and lower control arm bushings would have the most impact on what you're describing. If you noticed it more in the front than the back or something that could help pinpoint too.

Shocks are supposed to be needing replacement around 80K so you could hold out- also I'm not sure shocks would help restore the suppleness - I think it's mostly the rubber that maintains that nice isolation.

(EDIT: ^that's my theory, anyway - I'm after the same thing as the OP. I'll know more in a week or so when my car is off the jackstands: All rubber suspension bushings & rear balljoints have been replaced. Shocks, springs, the 4 shock mounts and swaybars haven't been touched- I'll be doing those when I get coilovers. It'll be a neat experiment as to what does what.)

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