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Shaking like a salt shaker

Alright, first of all I know there are a million threads on this but I just wanted some other people to go through my diagnostic reasoning with me.

Car shakes. No vibration under acceleration. Doesn't matter if I baby it or floor it, there is no vibration. Vibration begins at around 40-45mph and becomes more severe from 50-55mph and up. I have very briefly checked the outer CV boots but cannot see any tears or splattered grease on either side. I did not jack the car up so take that with a grain of salt, it is far too cold to be laying on a garage floor under a car right now... I obviously can't see the inner boots unless I do jack the car up.

1.) Wheel weight came off during my drive through 15in of snow last weekend.
2.) Bad CV boot, but there is no vibration under acceleration at lower speeds. Also, vibration comes and goes as I cross 50-55mph.
3.) FCABs, these seem ok to me. There is no play in the front control arm. They are in line to be replaced in the spring time though.
4.) Wheel bearing. There's no grinding sounds and no sounds that come and go when I turn the car one way or another.
5.) Something else that I am not considering?
6.) It's not Lupus.

Alright go.
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