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Originally Posted by SoCal325iT View Post
Hello everyone,

I was using this DIY post


to educate myself and get the right parts for this swap out - I ran out of gas twice and have been getting shitty fuel economy. So I ordered the three parts as noted in the above-mentioned post (and a few other similar DIYs):

Fuel Filter. Part # 13 32 1 740 985 KAYSER
Fuel Tank Sending Unit Left Side. Part # 16 11 6 768 788
Fuel Tank Suction Device Right with Main Fuel Pump and Level Sensor. Part# : 16 14 6 766 942

while still at the office.

To my horror, I get to the car and pull out the rear seat and I see 2 wires on the right side of the tank, and NO wires on the left side of the tank. See the attached picture -- one set of wires is brown, the other is red. I lifted all the rubber covers and am positive that none of the wires are threaded under them to the other side.

All the part numbers, model descriptions (including wagon bodytype), and car year matched up between the forum post and Pelican Parts, so while sitting at the office i ordered them without thinking twice. Both level sensors were designated for wagons too...

I have a 2003 325iT(ouring) wagon...

Any thoughts, past experiences (and hopefully good news) are greatly appreciated.

Agh!!! Just found out the possible cause for the 2-wires in one side, vs one wire on each side of the gas tank! Apparently I have an M56 engine instead of M54. The M56 was made for the stricter air regulations, and only sold in California, Massachusets and Vermont. Only 10,000 made! Ugh. More on the specs here:


The main fuel system differences between the M56 and M54 engines are and I quote the wikipedia article:

"The fuel tank, tank filler neck and evaporative canister are made of stainless steel. Both the fuel pump and fuel filter are completely sealed inside the gas tank and require a complete replacement of the gas tank if either the fuel pump or filter go bad. A costly bad design which puts the financial burden solely on the consumer."


AGH!! Can't even find the M56 parts online...
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