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I got my Dynavin yesterday and installed it today. I have a few issues:

1) the touch screen doesn't respond well at all to what I'm pointing at.
2) when switching to navi mode, the front speakers go out - it varies from 1 second up to 4 seconds. It also happens anytime I touch anywhere on the screen in navi mode.
3) can't use most of the navi functions but that could be related to issue #1
4) most of the time when playing a CD, I can't control the volume or change the tracks with the steering wheel. I've only been successful once.
5) not a big deal but the radio volume is way louder than the CD volume even though they're set at the same number.

I took a video with my iPhone to show some of what I have listed but it was too cold out. I'll try again in the garage tomorrow. I'm open to suggestions but the touch screen, volume and navi issues have me really irate ! I'll be listing this in a few Dynavin threads to get the help I need - please don't flame me for that.
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