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Originally Posted by officer140 View Post
I got my Dynavin yesterday and installed it today. I have a few issues:

1) the touch screen doesn't respond well at all to what I'm pointing at.
Have you tried recalibrating it using a stylus? Press the 'Navi' button then select the options icon (bottom right on the screen with 3 possible selections including Navigation) then press the icon for screen calibration. Also, the touch screen can be difficult to use if you haven't used a lot of non-Apple touchscreens. The iPod interface is most easily navigated using the on-screen pop-up menu or the steering wheel. It's very difficult to make selections by touching the names.
Originally Posted by officer140
2) when switching to navi mode, the front speakers go out - it varies from 1 second up to 4 seconds. It also happens anytime I touch anywhere on the screen in navi mode.
This is normal. It's part of the Windows/GPS board's functionality. The pauses can be trimmed down by editing the sys.txt file associated with your nav program. This doesn't deal specifically with iGo 8 (standard on Dynavin units) but is a good read to help you understand the features and tweaks available in the iGo software. Alternately, you can enable 4-way use of speakers by the Windows board by going into the radio settings menu and disabling the option called 'Navigation Sound'. This will cause all the speakers to mute rather than muting the front and muffling the rear.

ETA: The muting you're hearing is when the nav program makes a noise. This is triggered by ANY noise from the nav program/GPS board. The easiest way to get around this is to disable all audio output from iGo via the settings. On the other hand, if you want to hear the noise it's making, you can turn the iGo volume up from within iGo itself and then from the GPS board/Windows options. Unless you treasure TTS or random beeping followed by pauses of whatever you're listening to, I would recommend disabling the nav audio.
Originally Posted by officer140
3) can't use most of the navi functions but that could be related to issue #1
Probably. Try recalibrating the screen or using a stylus to try out the functions. You could also look into upgrading the navigation program to iGo 8.3 or Primo which have well-documented features.
Originally Posted by officer140
4) most of the time when playing a CD, I can't control the volume or change the tracks with the steering wheel. I've only been successful once.
Is this while in the CD interface or while in Navi mode? It's normal for you to lose functionality while in Navi mode and is a known issue. Have you updated to the latest firmware? Instructions and links can be found here.
Originally Posted by officer140
5) not a big deal but the radio volume is way louder than the CD volume even though they're set at the same number.
Also a normal issue that everybody has. Hopefully a later firmware release will fix this and expand on iPod control/functionality.

I'm not an expert (unlike Jeff, Darkoz, and petrut) so don't take my word as law on this. HTH
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