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Originally Posted by Rush4theYehO View Post
Nice write-up Reedo! Definitely non-biased presentation on the matter. However, I feel like the training and mindset section will be lost on most, sadly.
Thanks guys. Yeah, the mindset thing is very important. I think that as long as people are being realistic about using their weapons, that goes a long way. As long as people aren't developing grandiose ideas of getting into a Steven Seagal style 10 minute shootout with the Yakuza, then at least they're headed in the right direction.

The big thing about mindset is understanding how to think tactically. Say you were about to drive through a bad neighborhood. A normal person would lock their doors and not look at anybody or anything until they were "safe". A tactically-minded person would do what they could to just avoid driving through the neighborhood, so as to not put themselves into the situation in the first place. If that didn't work, they'd lock the doors, keep the gun in an easily accessible location, and constantly scan for threats.

Originally Posted by Wraisil View Post
Nice write up. I will add a couple thoughts of my own. Reedo mentioned a generic method of getting your CCW (or whatever it is called in your particular state) and did a really good job with it. Some states do require training, others do not. Even if you live in a state that does not require training, I highly recommend taking classes anyway.

Regarding reciprocity and learning about gun laws "online" I appreciate that the NRA and other places such as usacarry have some tools and boiled down information available for us to peruse without looking up the laws for every state we will go to. That said, just because the NRA or some other website says something regarding the laws does not mean they are correct. I highly recommend learning the laws from lexus-nexis or the state's websites instead of a website as the current laws may not be updated at places such as the NRA etc.
Very excellent point. Always check with the local jurisdiction.
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