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Originally Posted by SamDoe1 View Post
Update: False alarm, it was just excessive snow and ice buildup from the massive storm we got last weekend. Wheels aren't out of balance, all the suspension is still good (for now), and all is right in my world. Also, my wheel weights are on the inside of the rim.

for me, other people feel free to use this thread to discuss anything else about this you need to.
Bahaha! I just had the same thing happen to me earlier this week. Booked some time at a shop to have them check the suspension and steering components because I had a light vibration. Appointment was set for Tuesday. Sunday I put the winter tires on. Vibration gone. Very relieved....

...except I spotted a small coolant leak as I put the race jack under the front end, and I have a 500-600 mile road trip coming up on the 28th. Radiator is leaking at the joint right in front of the airbox. New radiator, hoses, and updated expansion tank go in Monday morning!

Glad your issue is all taken care of!

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