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Originally Posted by TrickTizzle View Post
Get the codes pulled. DSC + ABS work together.
They will both be disabled not one of the other.
Check power steering fluid and brake fluid levels.

Originally Posted by Gottalovethexi View Post
i know that when i would unplug my battery when I used to show my car at indoor car shows, at the end of the day when I plugged it back in my abs/dsc/brake lights would go on but turn off after driving around afterwards...

doubt that helps tho lol
Yeah mine does the same anytime I disconnect the battery. They turn out after I drive about ten feet.

OP- did the place you bought it from do any work on it before you bought it? Maybe new brakes, axle, bushings, etc.? If so, they probably chewed up one of the sensors.

For a problem like this you need to scan codes first and foremost though.
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