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I was told you can diagnose the FSR by setting the fan speed to max. If the fan comes on, then it's the FSR because it only controls the fan speed, and on max, it's bypassed.

Originally Posted by dcaron999 View Post
No cricket sound, but dead fan, with all climate control functions operational, and flaps moving, as I hear them moving. Blower Fuses checked out good. FSR replaced a few months ago to solve a variable speed problem. Wondering if my problem the fan or the FSR?

Thanks to the wonderful thread and pics, I managed to get my old fan out intact in about an hour, without removed wipers, or windshield/wiper cover. The fan spins freely. I tested the fan on a 12VDC source, and it works perfectly. Must be the damned FSR that I replaced about 2 months ago that failed again. On to another DIY to replace my current FSR from Quarry Motors, and test with my original OEM semi-functional FSR unit I kept around.
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