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Originally Posted by Gottalovethexi View Post
i know that when i would unplug my battery when I used to show my car at indoor car shows, at the end of the day when I plugged it back in my abs/dsc/brake lights would go on but turn off after driving around afterwards...

doubt that helps tho lol
+1... OP, you might try to disconnect the battery for half an hour and then reconnect. The DSC/ABS etc will be on when you start driving for a few miles at most if the system is normal. You might check all the fuses while you are at it but I doubt this is the issue.

If that does not clear it up, you have an issue in the system that is impossible to diagnose over the internet. You can either take it to the BMW dealer (I would not use an indy here unless you are sure they can read the BMW specific codes) or buy yourself a Peake tool and scan the codes (either way it is going to cost you the same).

Also, fair warning... you will do more maintenece on your BMW than most cars you have owned. Around 65k to 75k seems to be when a lot of it is needed too. More things are considered maintence items as well (colling system, control arms, VCG etc)... This is the price you pay for driving a sports car. Good news is that these cars are very easy to work on compared to most other modern cars.

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