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Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
Never said my views were more/less important than yours. If you feel that way cause my username is red, that's your insecurity.

This is OT, every man for him/herself! lol

Seriously though, I respect everyones opinion. Me being a Mod has nothing to do with anything.

I welcome your views and opinions and would love to debate and learn from each other, if you are willing... but when you post your opinion or start threads you OPEN YOURSELF up to responses. If you are posting just for "effect", that is called trolling. Don't want other peoples' opinions? Don't start a thread

Sounds like you would prefer the store owner to be defenseless and die? You wouldn't be standing in this country or most likely be able to express you views without persecution if it wasn't for guns

"Americans?" What are you?
Well, I don't respect everyone's opinion. ANYONE who thinks that someone defending his family is wrong is an IDIOT. I don't care if he used a chain saw. He is one hell of a guy and should be very proud of himself.

If 10% of the men out there were half the man he was, the world would be a much better place.

JMO (and it is the RIGHT one)

PS - For all the anti-gun nuts out there... Answer this simple question please.

It is the middle of night and you just got off work. You are not tired and you decide to do some laundry. You go to your local laudrymat and there are 4 big ugly dudes who have a woman cornered in the empty laundromat. There are no other stores open for blocks. She has ripped clothes, her face is bloody, and she is screaming while 1 of the 4 is ripping her panties off. The other 3 are cheering and laughing. They see you and you are about 20ft away in the doorway with your basket of clothes. Two of them start walking towards you with a knife in one of their hands. They say something to the effect of "you ain't gonna get any of her, but you ain't goin no where neither."

What do you do now Mr. Anti Gun?

I know what I would do, I feel completely at peace with it.

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