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Originally Posted by GlockMan View Post
Well, I don't respect everyone's opinion. ANYONE who thinks that someone defending his family is wrong is an IDIOT. I don't care if he used a chain saw. He is one hell of a guy and should be very proud of himself.

If 10% of the men out there were half the man he was, the world would be a much better place.

JMO (and it is the RIGHT one)
I couldn't possibly agree more, it would be impossible.
I don't agree with idiots, but I respect their right to be one. lol

I'll NEVER agree with peoples' mentalities such as //Flash, but I sort of understand why...

Lack of understanding, negative media portrayal, false sense of security, dependency on others, projection of evil on inanimate objects instead of people, etc.

I think most people just aren't educated to this topic and due to their fear and lack of understanding they are focusing their energy on the wrong source of the problem.


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