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Originally Posted by Master Po View Post
There's nothing wrong in being anti-gun. I'm one myself.
The problem is... you picked the wrong story for your soap box and shot yourself in the foot.

I'm waiting for updates to the story... wouldn't be surprised if it didn't happen exactly as the store owner reported it...
Why is this a wrong story? Because it proves that the right to carry firearms is effective in defending ones life and stopping crime?

I agree there is nothing wrong with being anti-gun, that is your right. But that doesn't override anyone else's right nor void the 2nd Amendment.
Are you anti-gun or anti-crime/violence?

If you are truly antigun, you should feel that even cops should not carry, our military shouldn't carry nor should hunters that catch their food carry?

Tell me, is that how you feel? Are you truly Anti-gun? Or just anti-murder/anti-crime with your energy and focus directed at the wrong source?

I really am curious.

PS: Surveillance video of the owners shop was just released!!!

"Somebody would have to be stupid to come rob the place because of the way it's set up," said a 30-year-old East End resident who would not give his name. "Everybody in the neighborhood knows how it is - everybody knows once you get in, he has to let you out. When you walk in, he buzzes you in, and when you walk out, he has to buzz you out."

The crime unfolded at 2:08 p.m. Thursday when two men posing as customers came into the store and asked the Castillos to show them some rings. As the husband and wife helped the two men, a third man walked into the store, pulled a pistol and announced he was robbing the business.

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