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I believe that those people who are anti gun believe that if guns were illegal that the criminals wouldn’t have them and thus the store owner wouldn’t have needed them (correct me if that isn’t your opinion //flash). But I think that anyone who believes that is failing to realize that this store owner was older and by himself in a fight with 4 thugs. They could have easily overpowered him and done anything they wanted to his wife and to him. The guns equalized this law abiding older store owner with four criminals the way a bat, pepper spray, telephone, alarm system, or butcher knife never could. Besides, even if they did make guns illega,l law enforcement would be powerless to keep them from the hands of criminals. Don’t believe me? Look at cocaine. Illegal since 1914, millions of dollars spent on enforcement every month (US Army, Navy, Coast guard, DEA, Customs, Border Patrol, State and local law enforcement) and you can buy it in any high school for relatively cheap. What makes anyone think that guns would be any easier to stop from importation?
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