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Originally Posted by Darkoz View Post
Agreed, it's comparing apples to oranges really, I don't understand why someone would buy something like this without knowing what to expect and then whinging about it after they buy it.
Do your research first and if you don't like what you see then don't buy it.
exactly. There really are only a couple of things that are design issues with the dvd side of the unit. Everything else is just how it operates and you will find things like that with every unit available on the market. If there was one unit that did exactly everything and operating the exact way everyone wanted it to, then it would own the market. Those couple of software issues that some people don't like, there are ways around them. Like using the audio/video cable for better ipod integration/usage.

The benefit of the Dynavin is that it is an aftermarket unit that fits in the factory location without any hacking of the car like all the other units that are double din. It is designed to look like a factory unit from the outside to the software side. And on top of that, the NAV side is very customizable.

One other big benefit, the company listens to its customers and makes changes, which allows us to do firmware/software updates via USB or SD card. I haven't looked into it, but I have never come across another unit in the past that allows for this upgrade/update capability.
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