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Originally Posted by Darkoz View Post
Agreed, it's comparing apples to oranges really, I don't understand why someone would buy something like this without knowing what to expect and then whinging about it after they buy it.
Do your research first and if you don't like what you see then don't buy it.
First, Thanks to you and anyone else on this forum that has helped so much. So I mean no dis-respect to anyone, and I do value your opinions.

That said, I've installed factory OEM units purchased through ebay (brand new), typically for $500. The OEM units don't actually cost $2000-$3000, that's how much the stealerships can get away with charging.

I think Dynavin is great company, especially how they respond to customer feedback. But that's the point, if they don't get feedback they won't improve, so that's all I was doing. They're probably programmers and engineers, I doubt they have any design specialists (obviously). If they could hire one person to concentrate on design, usability, and intuitiveness, it would make a world of difference, and make their product 100 times better.

These days this kind of thinking is required, I guarantee if there was competition for this kind of product, it would be done better. But since they're the only one, they probably won't do this.

Anyway, everyone is entitled to their opinion, I just wanted to throw my $0.02 in.

And I did do my research, there were no better options (doesn't make this product the best), and these gripes were not clearly stated. I hope that whoever does their research in the future will read my post, and it will help set their expectations.

Again, no dis-respect, I just dis-agree.

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