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you are exactly right, feedback is important. No problem there.

I have had some pretty in depth discussions with dynavin about some of the issues that you bring up, the interface is built within pretty rigid hardware limitations, Thats where the weak points come from, its not like designing for an iphone where there is a SDK and software in a "black box". The dynavin is actually about 6 different devices all integrated together, kind of like a windows computer with different cards and components from different manufacturers, all with their own software, menus, drivers, and hardware. Dynavin attempts to bring them together into one device and control them with one interface....sometimes with mixed results...

I know for a fact that they would like to do the things you bring up, but with the hardware they have they can only do so much, And honestly for the price, they have done A LOT. Sure they could use different hardware, but it all comes at a price. The product we have is the result of the calculation they have made, at the price that it is.

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