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Originally Posted by TRBOVNM View Post
Anybody using the apple audio/video cable with their iPhone or iPod and the dynavin?

I have the cable that you can get from jeff and it works fine. At first I thought I was having problems with it so I bought the apple cable. I can't get the apple cable to charge my phone. It does if I hook it up to my computer but it doesn't with the dynavin. The DVD USB just recognizes the USB and switches to that source. The nav USB does the same but I get the pop up that charging is not supported by this device.

I don't recall the exact model number for the cable I have but Brutal said his apple cable charges fine with the dynavin.

Does anyone have info if theirs works?

My apple av cable does NOT charge my iphone4
iPod cable will charge my iphone4 and iPod but only when iPod is selected.

Gps USB will charge my iPhone in my glovebox and is still able to hold a good cell signal and Bluetooth to the dynavin perfectly all at the same time.
iPhone will charge regardless of dynavin mode.

DVD USB for music/updates will not charge my iphone4.(in mini console near coin holder)

I originally thought it would be better like this but I am planning on reversing the 2 cables so I dont have to put my phone in the glove box to charge.

I'm probly gonna reverse the 2 usb connections so I dont have to put my Iphone in the glovebox to charge, and then have a permenant usb in the glovebox for music. And then my aux connection is going to a sirius dock.
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