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Originally Posted by harticus5 View Post
Every time I try to enter a address without a zip code, listings still pop up but not what I'm looking for. I will keep experimenting

So I know it is possible to put tom-tom on dynavin, what about garmin? I also have a gamin nuvi in another vehicle which is way better gps experience
yeah, you can put garmin on it. Pretty much any nav program out there that you can download you can put on the card. some sites I went to had igo, tom tom, garmin and some others.

Originally Posted by Artful Codger View Post
I apologise if this is well known but I have searched.

When you have both a video folder and a music folder on the same USB stick you can't easily move between the two...I'm sure I saw something about a workaround for this a week or so ago but can't find it now. It seems easier with the remote as it has the 'exit' key....

Also if listening to USB music files then changing to any other function I can't go back to the USB, the system comes up with 'No support file'. I have to remove and replace the USB stick to reinitialise it which is annoying...not sure if that one has been mentioned but searched for the 'no support file' string and couldn't find anything.

I don't have an iPod...I must be the only person the planet it seems and would like to use USB for a long trip we have coming after Xmas.
Jeff uses the USB a lot to play music. so he should know for sure tomorrow or monday.
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