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Originally Posted by Artful Codger View Post
...except this and the previous thread are now sooo long and I have read the lot but some of it starts to blur and even searching doesn't come up with the answer...like my USB ''no support file " issue... and yet I think I remember someone in one of the threads mentioning this...or the not being able to easily swap between folders on a USB device thing.

Because the unit is such a complex piece of kit with so many methods of doing various things and then after months someone finds an 'easter egg' that no one else knew about.

So if someone can tell me how to search better maybe I won't need to ask the question.....

I guess I'll search the Dynavin forum too....
I hope you don't think my comment was directed at you Codger as your 'no support file' issue is the first I've heard of (you didn't try and format the USB by chance did you?) and I've also found that playing movie files from the same USB stick as my music is a bit flaky and if I remember correctly once you have a movie playing it wouldn't let you go back to the USB menu to choose another folder/file.
It seems to me that the USB function is not very well integrated with the DVD player as I could never get it to work seemlessly, so I just either use a disc to watch a movie or I keep movies on the SD card and use the WinCE Entertainment side to watch them.

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