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Originally Posted by ketchup View Post

And owning the market is a bad thing?
No, but it won't happen. There are way too many people with different opinions, likes, dislikes, things they want, don't want, etc. Any unit out there you will find things you don't like or something you would like to change. It's just all part of the business.

As far as picking a song every time you go to ipod mode, I had the same frustration as you. I would recommend getting the audio/video cable and using that in aux mode. then use the ipod to control it. I understand you may feel this defeats the purpose of having the ipod mode and doing everything on-screen, but I was so damn pissed about the ipod control on the unit, I will never go back to that since I have been using the aux mode.

If they get the resume going, then it would just about fix the lack of ipod controls. The two biggest things they need to fix are the ipod software design and getting the phonebook to be listed on the unit. The more I use it, the more I see why we really need that working like Darkoz has been preaching. it is advertised as a feature and there are laws out there in certain places, Dynavin needs to do something about it.
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