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I use bluetooth to play music all the time and it comes through all speakers just like if it was connected to the cable. no issues playing it with my iphone.

And yes, the audio/video cable that I received from Jeff charges no matter what source I am in. So again, this was a great solution for me. I don't get in and care to listen to one genre or song. I just use shuffle and go. if I am cruising and want a certain song, I will use the phone and scroll to it.

Something to try, when you are using the ipod cable that came with the dynavin and you are listening to music, instead of hitting the navi button or mode button, first pull up the on-screen controls and select exit and see what that does for charging. I found that it still charged my phone when I did that and then went to another source.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: DVD play, I DO NOT have the parking brake wire connected to anything and can play DVD's. I know some others said that leaving it disconnected and unchecking the brake selection in the menu did not allow you to play DVD's. I don't know what I am doing right/wrong or others, but as Jeff said before, you don't have to connect the wire. It is done by software. It is for me anyway.
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