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Originally Posted by jeffb325@DynavinSolutions View Post

I actually have that problem too! Only on one of my USB drives, the largest one. I have trouble with that particular USB on the V5 as well as my previous V3 unit. Nobody else has ever said anything so I assume its my USB. I think the person you remember bringing it up a long time ago was me! Since nobody else has made a note of this I dont really have much data to determine what the parameters are but my USB drive is 32GB....thats what yours is right?

And with regards to the search comments etc from my evil twin Darkoz.....I dont blame anyone for not reading the entire 50+ page thread or having trouble with the search function (It never seems to find what im looking for either) but I do get aggravated when I get questions or comments that make it clear that someone bought the Dynavin but didnt even read the first post of this thread....One post, it will take 10 minutes, thats all I ask. Oh, and the FAQ also.....You have no idea how many times a day I type "its in the FAQ"....
Thanks, yes mine is 32G it might be a size limitation...I'll try a 16GB drive and see if it responds any better. It is interesting because the first time you plug it in it works fine for a single folder of music but won't auto initialise (if that's the terminology) after you change functions. May be worthwhile asking Dynavin if there is a USB drive size limit as I suspect a few more users will ask this before too long.

Yep I have read and reread your first post, and the FAQ and the Install guide and the OEM NAV car install guide as the DICE install, centre console removal to polish your car etc etc....

For those contemplating the DVB-T TV tuner. If you scan for channels make sure you have a reasonable signal...I live in a hole and had to take the car to higher ground, I think Darkoz recommended that...but the PQ is I don't mind taking my son out for his tutoring appointments...just sit back and watch Only issue I have with the tuner is it won't fit behind the glove box and with cables connecting to both sides its a bit messy in the glove box, have to be careful you don't snag an aerial cable if you put anything in it.

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