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Originally Posted by Dinan e36 View Post
yea but was Rashard any better? that guy just shoots and hardly takes it to the rim like he used to in his supersonic days.

If Arenas doesnt want to play, Orlando has plenty of guards to go to who can just dump it in to Dwight.

Having Rashard is not a true PF and that guy's defense is weak too.
his defense was weak, there was never a question, but his one big advantage was that he could spread the floor and draw opposing 4's out away from the post where 90% of 4's in the league are less effective, plus hes still dangerous from beyond the arc when given room, and someone you do not want to leave open, despite the decline in his play.

arenas is a volume shooter that is a shoot first, facilitate later type of player,
with a terrible bill of health and is never really at 100%. even in washington he was only a fraction of what he used to be before his major injuries. he fits into orlando's system in the way that hes trigger happy from beyond the arc, but aside from that, hes a liability on defense and his tofu knees will be an on going concern throughout the season.

all in all id rather take lewis.
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