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Originally Posted by Anub!s View Post
did you say mickael pietrus is one of the best defenders after howard?

Magic got a little better considering they got rid of carter's old a$$ that barely got to and from the gym without hurting a hip. jr was having a great season offensively
Arenas is still a great offensive player, just needs therapy.
Turk, wasn't the same since he left orlando last time so there's not much to expect.

Defensively, magic just screwed themselves. None of those fools can play D. Not that the players they gave up were much better, but a 7 footer and a decent defender in mp is better than these guys.

Suns, just saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to vince. Bye bye carter in his final season.
Gorat will start for the suns before the end of this season guaranteed. Might happen before the all start break.

Wiz, actually will be better without arenas headaches. lewis can step out and shoot the three while the rook penetrates and dishes. Wall just made big dawg in washington.
wizards did get better, plus they are a young team, wall is sick, mcgee has promise, and nick young looks to be a diamond in the rough, and with a little boost from a hopefully healthy josh howard, they might just have a good team in a season or so.

and yes pietrus is one of their best defenders, which does speak volumes.
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