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Originally posted by roller84
I just submitted my payment. Did I get in?
Yep, you're in Roller!

Ok we have 17 people paid, several people with deposits, and still that dozen or so people with verbal commitments. Next week is technically the week to start paying/depositing, which is when I assume the dozen or so with verbal commitments are going to jump in.

A couple of things:

1) We will extend the GB for E36's and M3's in order to accomodate their cars. We are working next week on the M3 application, and the E36 after that. (shouldn't take long)

2) The shop will be finishing up the bars during the first part of January to adhere to the posted schedule. At the time I made the schedule, I didn't know they would be shutting down this entire week (and part of next week) - but they know about our delivery schedule and they have made it their priority.

3) I am compiling a list for deposited, paid, and committed participants to keep them in the loop (and not have to keep popping this thread up after the buy has closed)

Regards, and happy holidays!!!

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