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Mad at what ? I'm just saying how many times heat lose to boston this year?
as a true heat fan, and a heat fan of 18 years, i can say definitively that the celtics are infact a better team than the heat right now, pay no mind to the fan boys, they are poor representations of heat fans.

boston has been through many seasons and have proved that they have the winning combination and what it takes to win it all. the heat are still in their first season with plenty to prove, plenty of bugs to work out still at this stage, and ironing out the last few kinks of our chemistry issues. though miami looks promising right now and it looks like we've found our comfort zone, until we win a title we still are not on the level of the celtic's big three.

miami does show a lot of promise currently, especially during this win streak, we lead the NBA in greatest points disparity average in our wins, and we have seen brief spurts of greatness from not just our big 3 but from everyone every game. when miami played boston, we were not on the level that we are on now, the heat are a whole different animal at this point, better than the celtics? maybe yes, maybe no, but one thing i can say for sure is that the next time these two teams meet it will be a much MUCH closer game than we've seen in the past, barring major injuries and assuming both sides bring their A game.

that being said, boston's big 3 have experience, chemistry, and a very unique winning formula, but they are all also in the twilight of their careers, and one can only assume that they dont have too many more seasons left until father time catches up with them. miami's big 3 is still getting a feel for things on the same team, they have the blue print of a winning formula but not much experience, yet.... but they are also much younger, faster, stronger, and in many ways, more capable on both ends of the floor than the boston big 3.

each side has their pros and cons, but the 7 game series at the eastern conference finals should decide all
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Need some opinion. Stock Titanium Silver coupe without spoiler, using the 2 Fast 2 furious skyline vinyl scheme. What do you think, do it or not? plus, i think it would look better then what most car members have here.
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