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Guys, thanks so much for all the time you've spent on this. I've been reading all the threads on these DDE's for like two weeks, and this one was probably the most helpful.

One question, I've been thinking that it would be fun to be able to regulate the brightness of the DDE's with a little dial (potentiometer) I'm just learning about this stuff so I'm not quite sure how to tell how many ohms my potentiometer should be. Does anybody know how to figure this out?

I have the white light LED angel eyes from DDMtuning.com. They don't come with ballasts, only a relay harness.

So we know that the line is 12v, and I took a multimeter to the line between the relay and the LED's while it was on to find out the amps. I had it on the 200m setting and it said 7.2 for one side.... so is that 7.2 mA? (.0072 amps?) so it seems like the total mA for both sides would be double that - 14.4 mAs.

I talked to an electrician guy at a hobby shop though, and he thought that this number didn't make sense since, according to him, one LED bulb draws about 20 mA's... and there are numerous bulbs in each halo ring. Furthermore, he said that a an LED is either on or off, it can't fade... but this doesn't make sense to me if the dome lights are able to fade the DDE's on and off through the remote wire..

So, does anybody know how many amps or milliamps the DDE's really do draw (both sides together) and if this little effort is even possible? (can LED's be regulated with a potentiometer?) If so, what specs should I look for on the potentiometer (dial).

If i can just find the right potentiometer, it would be so easy to hook up I think, and it would be nice to turn it down if I don't want to blind people when I'm just parked chilling in a parking stall, but still want them on (these things are BRIGHT!)

Anything else I should look out for? I don't want to break anything. dsmdriver, you seem to know about electronics - do you have any input on this?
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