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Originally Posted by G-Hots View Post
get the moog tie rods from advance auto/autozone they are $30 max each side.
go to the dealer and buy the control arm bushings from them. it was around $110 for a set? I believe..

I have no idea how much the control arms cost for an Xi but i heard they cost an arm and a leg. So I would say shop around your local parts stores first then go online as a last resort

i replaced both control arms and bushings + tie rod ends for around $350. It took me about 4 hours all total maybe 3. good luck my friend
Originally Posted by stlnation View Post
tie rods not available at autozone

This guy doesn't know what he's talking about- he doesn't even have an xi.

First of all, you should get powerflex control arm bushings. Don't put the crappy oem xi bushings back in.

Second, it's odd that you need new tie-rod boots. Please take a look at these yourself and make the call- it's weird that both would need to be replaced too. Also if the right boot is bad, and the right tie-rod end is bad, I would think the right inner tie-rod is bad too. Think about buying the whole tie-rod assembly for the right side. You will also need an alignment.

Third, the bimmerworld prices for control arms looks good, but only if they are lemfoerder brand. Make sure they are lemfoerder.

Fourth, forget about FCPGroton. It's mostly chinese junk, and their prices for OEM stuff is never very good.

Fifth, don't go to the dealer anymore, ok? Parts and Sales departments are ok, just stay away from Service.
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