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Originally Posted by jeffb325@DynavinSolutions View Post
The USB was better on the earlier Dynavins but they had a VERY low folder limit of 196. On the V5 dynavins there is no limit but the browsing is limited to 2 layers so you cant do artist>album> can only do album>song or artist>song. Ones step step back....

There is no size limit that I know of.....the earlier mention of 32gb was me and another guy comparing notes on why certain USBs needed to be unplugged and plugged back in to "reinitialize". We werent saying it was a limitation. We dont know why a couple of USBs would do this and the rest not, that is what we were trying to figure out.
Yeah, I'm still trying to work it out but I bought a 16GB drive and it works albeit slow to register all the files but that is a known limitation...approx 3 mins to register 1200 songs....

Someone earlier mentioned the google site search function and yes I was using the dedicated site search only, but it seems Jeff and I are the only ones seeing the 'no support file' error.

Gotta go pick up the car from the workshop...just a checkup before taking off on holidays...I'm sure they're going to want to know all about the 'vin...
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