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Originally Posted by speedcrazy1532 View Post
I was thinking about this whole "end of the world scenario/**** hit the fan" even on my ride home. I actually think about it quite often. Glockman got me thinking with the Suburban comment. (Nice choice by the way) In all honestly though, wouldn't there be massive traffic jams as everyone trys to flee? Wouldn't an few ATV's or motorcycles be more the way to go? Immediately, the disadvantage would be having no protection around you, but as far as being able to travel somewhere, I would think these would be a better option. Just throwing it out there for discussion.
I think you make a very good point. If things are so bad you have to leave your house, chances are highly likely that everyone else in the area is trying to do that same thing.

ATVs seem like a very practical option because they are small and capable enough to drive through traffic or simply across country yet have much more capacity to carry supplies and weapons than a motorcycle. I'm not that worried about protection...a car isn't going to save you from much either, and you can always carry a tent for shelter at night.

I think I'm now going to find a good supply case that I can tie down to my ATV cargo rack...
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