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Dynavin Version 4

Hey Jeff and others,

So recently I have been having the same problem and no matter how many times I reboot my iPhone or restart the Dynavin Unit it will always give me the same message when I plug my iPhone in the iPod dock, Battery Power Very Low...

I have tried numerous things to my knowledge and haven't been able to fix it...How does someone fix this???

Thanks and hope you all can help soon!

Also...after I installed my new speakers (better quality and pick up more sound than the HKs) whenever I play a CD in the unit I can hear the radio as well. If it makes sense it's like the radio and the CD are playing at the same time, when it shouldn't be. Is it possible my head unit needs to be replaced? If so, will I be able to get a new one under the manufacturer warranty (since it's only been 5 months)
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