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I finally got around to checking out the accelerator pedal module. Apparently there are two potentiometers behind the pedal that detect pedal position. I took a multimeter and measured the resistances between the six different pins on the module. I was able to find what pins go to which pot and determined that the two pots are not connected. This is confirmed by the wiring diagram in Bentleys.

The thing that has me totally stumped is that the resistances didn't change when the pedal was pressed. This is completely perplexing to me, since if the resistances don't change when the pedal is moved, the computer should not be getting any signal at all, yet the car revs fine (except for the original issue). Any input on the would be helpful. Thanks.

Here are the measured resistances:
Pot 1: pin 1-4 = 57 ohms, pin 4-5 = 427 ohms, pin 1-5 = 477 ohms
Pot 2: pin 2-6 = 57 ohms, pin 3-6 = 427 ohms, pin 2-3 = 477 ohms

Also, I drove the car 8 hours (at the speed limit) in heavy rain a week ago. My destination was 3000 ft lower in elevation than home. After this trip, the response issue was much better, and I had more power across. The problem is slowly coming back as I am driving around town.

Again these did not change when the pedal was pressed

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