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Originally Posted by jeffb325@DynavinSolutions View Post
kp, did you install an amp to go with those speakers? If so the gain is too high on the amp....what you are experiencing is the infamous "radio bleed" from the V1-V4 units. This is what we use the LOCs for. I dont recall if I installed those in your car or not. I think you probably just need a new ipod cord, yours might be damaged, email me and ill get one sent out to you.
Yes I did

I have 300/4 amp going to the speakers and 500/1 amp going to the subwoofers. I don't think we installed LOCs...where do they go so that I can get them in the car?

Ok cool, I'll email you tomorrow while at work...thanks!

Also, what about the CD and FM problem I'm experiencing? Whenever I play a CD in a car you can hear a radio station too
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