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Originally Posted by MMShaggy View Post
Former.... Once a Marine always a Marine.... (Long week at work, and long nights ripping my motor apart has obviously left me with a case of the stupids.)

mine is Raptor's. They scare the hell outta me.

Nah just dropped down on the ground for a few quick pics...No way I could shoot that rifle anywhere around me..
One, way too loud
Two, I'd probably kill someone over a mile away and never know.
Good to know. I fugured it was a picture pose. again, nice setup.

Originally Posted by shwagon View Post
That just happened....
hmm....funny. MMS Shaggy didn't take offense to my constructive criticisim but yet you and JonJon decided to give me an infraction for "in appropriate" comment. Wow...talking being on a power trip.

Ironically, I have been providing postive feedback on your AR-15 build thread (ie..US Optics...ammo...and YHM compnents, etc) so I don't know what beef you have with me.

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