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Originally Posted by iansanderson View Post
PWG modules (aka. accelerator pedals) rarely go bad. the issue people are referring to is the sticky/notchy "stick-slip effect" pedal feel. It is purely mechanical and is related to the lubricant used on the pedal that causes the mechanism inside to bind when it gets hot (parked car in summer or heater on in winter) OP, you would physically feel the pedal sticking if it were to blame. Also, the EML would go to failsafe if there were any issues with the potentiometers in the pedal so I doubt that's it.

Since the condition changes with altitude, I would look to an intake leak like the DISA valve. It seems like they tend to go bad in the winter.
I completely agree. I have read up on the stick slip effect and I know it was not that. I had a vacuum leak test done, and it passed, so I figured it could be the pedal, disa, ICV or TB. I pick the cheapest to rule out and am working my way up to the most expensive.

Also, I found a bunch of info on the Hall sensors. take a look here: http://www.bmwmotorsports.org/BMW_docs/m54x5.pdf
Is there a place that has a lot of technical info on the E46, like the voltage in and out for other sensors/actuators?

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