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Still trying to get everything setup and working right on my V5. For the most part everything is working now and I have things setup the way I want. I now have a new problem.....I can't hear the phone and the person I am calling can't hear me either. The phone is paired and says it is connected during a call as does the Dynavin. It's like it's in mute mode but pressing that button on the screen does not do anything. I have made several calls so I know it works but I can't get it working now. Just as a aside the mute button on the screen does not seem to be mapped correctly on the screen. It only "presses" if you touch it in a certain spot (other places on the button do nothing). Is there a setting on there some where that I screwed up? I can't find a settings menu for Bluetooth phone calls anywhere.

Thanks for the help Todd
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