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Originally Posted by cyberkaa View Post
Btw, there are two different types of drive-by-wire systems on E46s. One style uses pedal linkage to actuate two potentiometers, the other style is an enclosed pedal. I believe you have the latter, which uses hall sensors, so you need to apply +5V (as the DME does, but you could probably use a little more/less) across pins 5 and 1 and measure voltage at 4, or across 3 and 2 and measure at 6. One output should measure exactly half of the other.
This was spot on! thanks for the info. Here is what I did. USB is 5V so you can take a USB charger for a phone (iphone / ipod / etc) and plug an old printer cable into it. Then cut the other end of the printer cable off and use the red and black wires. Instant 5V power supply. (Double check the 5V with a multi meter before connecting it to the pedal).

hall sensor 1: Pin 1 = negative, Pin 5 = positive, measure at pin 4
hall sensor 2: Pin 2 = negative, Pin 3 = positive, measure at pin 6
measure each sensor separately, red lead of your multimeter on 4 or 6, black lead on 1 or 2 respectively. Make sure your volt meter is set to voltage. Now depress the accelerator pedal and you will see the voltage change.

Results: I got .72V - 4V on sensor 1 and .37V - 2.0V on sensor 2. From what I have read, sensor 1 should be .5V - 4.5V and sensor 2 should be .5V - 2V. Since the maximum is 4V instead of 4.5V I am only getting 88% of max throttle, I believe this warrants a replacement. If you disagree let me know.
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